The story of Gateway Seeds of Hope

The concerns of individuals within the Decatur area community resulted in the creation of the Gateway Seeds of Hope organization. Gateway Seeds of Hope organization is recognized as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization at the federal level by the Internal Revenue Service. Its nonprofit status is also recognized by the State of Illinois.

The organization was formed to act as a helping hand to those most in need of the provided services. Especially indigent, unemployed and those in need of educational services.  Among other things, the organization will act as a clearing house ensuring those in need of food, clothing and shelter  as to where those needs may be met.

No adult will be left without the preparation needed to apply for gainful employment. As the organization will provide training in the completion of job applications and resumes. To the extent possible, participants will also be referred to job training, job placement assistance after receiving training in acceptable interviewing methods.